Portable Coffee Maker Set

  • DURABLE, SHATTERPROOF: Our coffee maker with thermal carafe promises unwavering strength and won’t break like glass french presses. So well made, our manual coffee makers are even dishwasher friendly.

  • SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: The slender design of our vintage coffee mill with the measuring scoop and carrying bag make this coffee grinding kit the perfect travel and camping gear
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL AND POWER OUTAGES: Never go a day without coffee - whether you are camping, backpacking, boating, or in an emergency power shortage. Our non-electric coffee mill is compact size and requires no batteries or electricity.
  • KEEPS TEA AND COFFEE WARM FOR LONGER: Enjoy steeping hot beverages for long periods of time with our stainless steel coffee maker. The double-walled metal insulation will lock-in temperature and taste for hours.

  • MULTI-FILTER PLUNGER SYSTEM: This stainless steel french press is equipped with a 3-layered filtering system that stops even the finest coffee granules from getting through. With 3 bonus filters, our personal coffee maker is a must for all coffee lovers.